Massage and wellness are no longer considered luxury-items, but are essential, balance-restoring treatments in busy times. At Swiss Hands, you’ll receive a caring treatment for yourself, to disconnect from home, family, work... and restore that connection with your mind, body, heart and soul. Physicaly, a massage can lower your stress level and reduce mild physical symptoms like back/neck/head-ache, but it is mostly intended to make you feel harmoniously in touch with your senses.

Please note:

  • they are relaxing (non-sportive), non-erotic and non-medical
  • they can reduce mild symptoms but can never replace medical treatments
  • let me know if you have medical issues, take medication or have allergies
  • no massages are given to women pregnant below 16 weeks
  • in case of a doubt, permission should be asked from your doctor
  • all treatments are by appointment only
  • if you are unable to attend, please give me 24h notice, otherwise I will be obliged to charge you for the treatment
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