The Lomi Lomi or "Loving Hands" is the Hawaiian massage of surrender. Probably the "Rolls Royce" of all treatments! It is one of the most profound forms of massage.

This massage uses long, continuous, flowing strokes, combined with a very loving touch. It is given in fluid, organic rhythmic motions using the forearms as well as the hands. Some people have described this as gentle waves moving over their body. Music and breathing have an important role in this massage-ritual.

You are laying directly on the freshly washed vinyl of the table, and rather than being covered completely by towels, you are covered by a small sheet, leaving most of your body exposed during the massage. This makes it a lot easier to perform the underbody and full body strokes without interrupting the flow of the massage. And don't worry, it is warm enough in my salon to help you surrender completely.

Time length Price
Full body 1h30 94.- Euro
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